Cycle Touring Gear

If you have looked at the rest of my blog I am sure you are surprised by bthe amount of gear we are carrying.  I guess call it well prepared and maybe a little to fond of creature comforts but there you go.  Here is a breakdown of what is in all of those bags.

Panniers - Sunlite

These are waterproof and well constructed roll top bags.  They are cheaper than the top of the line models, you don't get such a fancy fitting system but they have proved to be good quality waterproof and stay in place.  The size is somewhere in the middle of the range.

Front Paniers:
One side holds a large travel towel and a self inflating roll mat made by Vaude.  We have 2 of these mats but one slowly loses air through the night.  They were a quarter of the price of thermarest mats but nowhere near the quality.

The other bag holds my netbook and electrical chargers etc.  By no means an essential but has proved handy.

Rear Panniers:
These are mainly full of clothes, I have enough for 6 days without recycling.

Cycle shorts  x6
Running tops x6 used for general wear and cycling in
Waterproof cycling tights x1
3/4 running tights x1
Windproof Jacket x1
Warm cycling jersey x1
Waterproof Jacket x1
Cycling gloves x2 half and full fingered
Scull cap x1
Wind stopper balaclava x1
Cycling glasses x1 interchangeable lenses
Neoprene over shoes x1
Cycling shoes x1

Zip off leg walking trousers x1
Walking shorts x1
Running shorts x1 also used as swim wear
Wind stopper fleece x1
Fleece x1
Thermal tops x2
Base layer top x1
Thermal bottoms x1
Under wear
Beanie x1
Gloves x1
Neck buff x1
Walking boots x1
Wash bag

Everything is placed in thin dry bags and the bags are labelled to make it easy finding what you want.  I have a stronger dry bag that I use for dirty washing, it is ideal as it keeps the smell in!  The other dry bags are good for extra protection and you can squeeze the air out to make them smaller, you would fit more in if you din't use them though.  Some of the cycling gear which I may need during the ride like the waterproof jacket goes in the lids of the panniers.  This is a netting area under the lid which doesn't keep things dry but again it is all in dry bags.

I also have a camelback which carries:

2 litre bladder
Travel documents
MP3 player/alarm clock
Hi vis vest
Rain cover
Sun Glasses
Rear light

Finally on the bike I have a saddle bag:

Puncture kit
Cable ties

Now the BOB Yak Trailer

Inside is mainly camping gear:

Stove x2
Plates x2
Bowls x2
Pots and pans
Washing up supplies
Additional tent poles – makes tarp into a shelter
Sleeping bags x2
Travel pillow x2
Dry bags x2
First aid kit
Inner tubes

On top of the trailer is a plastic box which holds food and can be used for washing up in.

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