Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cycling Lake Tekapo Geraldine Methven

November 11th Lake Tekapo

Well we decided on another day off, this is the first time we have had 2 days off together since leaving Christchurch.  We walked up to Mt John to stretch the legs and watched yet more dvds.  We like the caravan, check out last night's view.  It is booked for tomorrow so we are off to Geraldine, we have been told that the views get less dramatic now as we head back to Christchurch.

Lake Tekapo at Night

View of Lake Teakapo from Mt John

November 12th Lake Tekapo Gerladine 95km

Of we set into the grey morning.  We had a little climbing to do firstly and the rain started getting blown into our faces by the headwind that had picked up.  Not what was forecast but there you go.  It was much over an hour though before the now downhill gradient overpowered the headwind and we were making good time again.  We stopped briefly at Fairlie for a coffee and then climbed again before a long downhill section to Geraldine.  An army convoy passed by at one point and I thought I was going under the wheels of an armoured personnel carrier but luckily it missed me.

When we arrived in the sleepy town of Geraldine we discovered this was the busiest day of their year!  An arts festival took over the park and the campsite was filled with all of the store holders caravans.  Oh well another excuse not to camp!  We went to a BBH hostel which was very nice but $72 for the night.  Once in we wandered around the stores that just seemed to be selling tat, looked at the old car display and then went to the delis try all of the tasters before heading back to the hostel for dinner and dvds.

November 13th Geraldine Methven 82km

Nice and sunny, we managed to leave 20 minutes earlier than we planned which is a first!  The road climbed but so gently you couldn't notice and we made good time.  One cafe stop along the way and a picnic lunch before arriving at 3pm.  YHA booked for the next 2 nights, free Internet for a change so we can get some more stuff sorted.  We had a quick look round town but being Sunday most things are shut.  It looks quite sleepy as it's main business is the Mt Hutt ski field which is now shut for the summer.

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