Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ready for the next ride

So it is time to give the bikes some love and I have fitted new back tyres, I bought Continental Contacts the same as standard because in nearly 5000km we have not had 1 puncture.  The front tyres still have plaenty of life left in them so they can stay.  New chains for both as they were becoming noisey and I cleaned the drive train well.  I checked the brakes and although both back sets of pads are getting low they are still ok so I bought a spare pair for each bike to take with us.  Finally I greased and oiled all the parts that needed it including pulling the cranks and removing the pedals.  They should now be ready for the road again.

We sent home all our cold weather gear which cost a fortune $180 for 10kg and have had our vaccinations for Thailand, Cambnodia, Vietnam and Laos.  This cost me $266! Maria's were a little less as she didn't need quite as many.  We plan to cycle as much as possible so keep checking back as new blogs will appear.

Packing up is the next job and we have the boxes we arrived with here at the hostel so we know it fits!  It is my birthday tomorrow so it would be good to chill so best get busy today!

Will try and get some more pics up later as we went on a bus tour through the Red Zone last night.

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