Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cycling Methven Christchurch

November 15th Methevn - Christchurch 104km

Well an early start into a sunny morning.  The ride started with a climb followed by a steep down then up into a gorge, a very strong headwind was blowing and after 1.5 hours we had only covered 21km.  Now the road turned and the wind more behind than infront, add that to a gentle downhill slope all the way to Christchurch and the rest of the ride was a breeze!

You soon noticed the increase in traffic as you got closer to the city and the driving in the city is the worst we hve encountered on the island.  It would be a shame to get run over now!  Luckily though wenade the campsite in one piece and put the tent up.  We have a few days here now before we fly to Oz and start cycling Sydney to Brisbane.  Maybe a new blog or I might just carry on with this one.

It has taken 45 days of cycling to ride around the South Island and we have covered 3000km, not bad for our first go at cycle touring.  It has been a great way to see the country and although sometimes the weather has been against us we have loved the whole trip.

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